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About Supreme Freight

For over seven years Supreme Freight’s dedication and passion has been providing clients with improved solutions to the challenges presented by their freight management and logistics operations.

Our team, under the direction of Jim Hettner an industry expert with over 20 years’ experience in transport and logistics industry Provide the research and design of improved Transport, Warehousing, Distribution and Management systems for companies needing to distribute goods throughout Australia and the world.

Our model, service management systems and investment in comprehensive web-based administrative systems allow us to provide freight solutions to both small and large businesses. Our clients include small retailers, large retailers, manufacturers, distributors, engineers and some of the most active and successful companies in Australia.

Supreme Freight can help any business restructure their freight operations to better effect - regardless of the scale of operations. Over the years, we’ve done all the hard work for you: setting up carriers in every industry, negotiating the best rates, establishing accounts and interfacing our systems.

Quite simply, you can consider Supreme Freight your gateway to improved freight management and administration, increased efficiencies and reduced transportation expenditure.