Packing & Sending Requirements

  • Don't make the carton too full or too heavy. If the contents of the carton can be split and it weighs over 25kg, put it in two cartons.
  • Make sure your box/carton is structurally sturdy.
  • Don't over pack your carton.
  • Make sure your goods have cushioning around it so it reduces the chances of getting damaged in transit.
  • Make sure the cartons are well sealed with tape. Secure the carton to eliminate it from opening whilst in transit.
  • If your goods are fragile, let us know by clearly writing on the carton FRAGILE!
  • We do not send:
    • dangerous goods
    • any unpackaged items
    • items that exceed 4 metres in length ( Please contact Supreme Freight)
  • Items that exceed 35kgs must be packed on a skid or pallet, and must have a forklift at both the sending & receiving addresses. If your item is over 35 kg's and you do not have a pallet, you must ensure there is sufficient assistance to load and/or unload the vehicle. Failure to have the assistance required will result in either a Futile pickup or Re-delivery fee.
  • Make sure you are aware of the terms and conditions.
  • Once you have booked and paid for the pickup you can print your con note and label(s).
  • Make sure your carton has no other address written on it, or any old delivery labels.
  • Write on the carton, the delivery address and the consignment number.
  • All items must be packed into a carton/box or covered in either bubble wrap or plastic depending on the nature of the item. If damage can easily occur due to the packaging used, you may void the transit warranty.
  • Suitcases and travel cases can be sent as they are. They do need to be securely fastened.

Measuring the size of the carton -

Please review the image below showing how to correctly measure the size of your carton(s):